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SignalCheck allows users to check the true signal strength of their connections. Unlike the standard Android signal bars, which only display the 1xRTT (voice and low-speed data) signal strength, SignalCheck shows you detailed signal information about all of your device's connections, including 1xRTT, GSM, EV-DO or eHRPD (3G), LTE (4G), and Wi-Fi.

Special thanks to S4GRU for their tremendous support of SignalCheck from the beginning! Visit <a href="" target="_blank"></a> for up-to-the-minute information and discussions about Sprint's Network Vision strategy, as well as talk about devices and other cellular networks. There is a SignalCheck discussion thread too.. check it out.

SignalCheck will display LTE Cell ID information on most devices running Android 4.2 or higher, and some HTC devices on earlier Android versions. SignalCheck was one of the first (if not THE first) Android apps to provide this information to users. LTE band information is available for some providers, and frequencies are displayed on some HTC devices.

SignalCheck also displays the current connection type along with the carrier name for each connection, even while roaming. Sprint users are instantly able to see if they are on the new 800 or 2500 MHz (Spark) networks, part of Network Vision!

SignalCheck is a great compliment to the Sensorly app, allowing you to check your signal strengths and map them out so other users can see the data as well.

Users can upgrade to SignalCheck Pro (<a href="">available here</a>) for less than what a cup of coffee costs these days. The Pro version includes lifetime upgrades, and the following enhancements:

* Pro: Faster access to program updates. Lite users will receive all appropriate updates, but the Pro version is always released first, typically about a week in advance.

* Pro: A configurable widget can be placed on any home screen, showing current connection type and realtime signal strengths. Each field is color-coded so signal information can be checked with a quick glance.

* Pro: The ability to notify the user with an audio and/or vibrating alert when a 4G LTE or Sprint 1X 800MHz SMR signal is discovered. This is handy for users traveling in new cities, or if your carrier's network is being upgraded -- know immediately when you have a high-speed connection! Alerts are customizable, and can be disabled by the user if desired. These features are very useful for Sprint users during their nationwide Network Vision rollout.

* Pro: A user-customizable icon shows your data connection strength in the notification area at the top of the screen, and more details can be seen in the pulldown menu. Your signal strength is always at the top of the screen along with your other icons.. no need to open the app to check your connections. An additional icon can be enabled to always show 1X CDMA signal for comparison, if the user chooses to do so. These notifications can be configured to automatically run your device boots if you choose to do so.

* Pro: The ability to automatically keep the screen on while SignalCheck is in the foreground.

* Pro: An option to quickly reset your data connections from within the app.

* Pro: The ability to display your base station location (1X tower or sector location) street address, and instantly show it in your favorite mapping app by tapping on it.

* Pro: Easy access to advanced Android screens such as Battery Info, Field Trial, Mobile Networks, and Wi-Fi info. These screens are already available on most Android devices, but are only accessible by special dialer codes.

We are always looking for feedback, including suggestions and bug reports.. compliments are always welcome too.

This app has also been referred to as Signal Check, Signal Check LTE, LTE Signal Check, LTE Checker, among other things.. it's just SignalCheck folks.

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